Before You Begin
Please be advised that all exercises could be hazardous and may result in injury or even death. Please participate at your own risk. The author does not assume liability for any loss in connection with the exercises, recipes or meal plans. Please speak with your doctor prior to beginning this or any other exercise program for approval and any possible restrictions needed for your particular situation. Always stop exercising if you feel pain, dizziness or fatigue. Do not push yourself too hard. Remember to use proper safety equipment if applicable (Example: knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet for roller blading). Always read and follow manufacturer’s instructions for exercise equipment and be cautious while exercising.
The diet plan and adjusted meal plans may be unsuitable for some individuals. Always consult your physician before beginning this or any other diet. If you are unsure about food allergies, you may need to consult with an allergist as well. Remember to always check labels for possible allergens.
Please be advised that cooking can be hazardous. In some cases, I give reminders to be careful when boiling water, reaching in hot ovens or working with sharp knives. It is assumed that you should exercise caution at all times when cooking, however. If you are unfamiliar with proper kitchen safety, you may want to take a cooking class that includes kitchen safety. Always read manufacturer’s instructions and warnings for cooking appliances and other equipment. Please be advised that children should not operate food processors, use sharp knives and some other cooking equipment. Children should only cook with adult supervision. Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist may not be suitable for children.
Tiny Plate Rules
1. No foods with added sugar
2. No whole sticks of butter
3. No whole blocks of cheese
Release your creativity at dinner without counting calories!!! 
The options are endless!
Much smaller than a dessert plate, these are Tiny Plates!